Protecting Your Roof from the Arizona Heat

When you live in Tucson, you have to think about ways to keep your home safe from the extreme powers of the sun. Keep reading to find out what you can do to protect your roof from excessive wear and tear that is usually caused by the Arizona heat:

Get It Coated

Coating your roof is one of the most effective ways to protect it from the heat. The professionals will clean off the roof with a water jet to get rid of any dirt or loose materials that could affect the way the coating covers the roof. They will then patch the drains and vents to ensure they can properly coat the entire roof. Once the coat is in place, the roof can stand up better to the extreme heat of the Arizona sun.

Keep It Clean

After the coat is in place, you should periodically check on the condition of the roof to make sure there is no buildup of leaves and debris. It is also important to check on the roof during the Monsoon to make sure there are no leftover puddles of water that might cause the roof to buckle. Cleaning the roof is one of the easiest ways to ensure that it stays in the best condition.

Fix Problems as Soon as Possible

If there is a small problem on your roof, the heat of the sun can make it much worse in a short amount of time. Try to stay on top of all of your roof maintenance to ensure that a little issue does not cause a major issue on the roof.

Wild West Painting, Inc. is here to coat your roof in time for summer. We take our time applying the coat as precisely as possible to ensure that your roof gets the protection it needs to stand up to the Arizona heat. To learn more about our roof coating or interior or exterior painting services, visit us online or call (520) 668-8988.