Paint Colors to Make a Room Look Bigger

Paint Colors to Make a Room Look Bigger. Before you begin your interior painting project, you should try to find the right color for your needs. If your room looks a little smaller than you would prefer, consider using one of the following hues to make it look bigger and brighter:

Add Warmth with Brown

Although you want to stay away from dark browns that tend to draw the walls in, light browns help you expand your space and incorporate a warm, welcoming feeling into the room. Choose soft to mid-tone browns to get the richness and texture that you need to make the room appear larger. Make sure to use a glossy finish that reflects the light and helps you make the room seem even bigger.

Make it Peaceful with Green

Different shades of green help you create a relaxing, peaceful environment in a room that helps you focus and stay balanced. You can choose a yellow-based green like olive to warm up the space. Blue-based greens like aqua elicit feelings of peace and calm. Any shade of green that falls in the light to medium range can open up your room and help you make the most of your space.

Incorporate Serenity with Blue

Your paint color can help you open up a room while making it feel more serene inside the space. Choose pale to mid-tone blues to bring some much-needed tranquility to your home décor. Bring some sample colors into your home before making your final decision so you can find the right shade of blue for your needs. Enhance the blue with some bold accessories in other colors.

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