Common Painting Problems Following Wallpaper Removal

Common Painting Problems Following Wallpaper Removal. Transitioning from wallpaper to paint is a great way to update your interior without spending a fortune. Use this guide to learn about some common painting problems you might encounter after removing the wallpaper and what to do about them:

Leftover Pieces of Paper

There will probably be some leftover pieces of paper when you finish pulling the wallpaper off the walls. It is very important to remove all of it before you start painting or you will be left with an uneven wall and a less-than-perfect paint job. A scraping blade is usually enough to get rid of the paper that is hard to remove. If the paper will not budge, you might need to use something stronger like a steamer. You should use DAP to repair any damage in the wall before you start to paint.

Leftover Chemicals

If you had to turn to a chemical solution to remove the last of the wallpaper, you might be left with some residual chemicals that could negatively affect your paint. It is important to use a product like trisodium phosphate (TSP), which will clean the wall and prepare it for your paint.

Leftover Paste

Another common issue associated with wallpaper removal is leftover paste. It might be hard to spot the paste just by looking at the wall, which is why it is important to run your hand across the wall to see if you feel any differences in the texture. If you do, you should use a scraping blade or some sandpaper to even it out before you apply the paint.

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