Using Color Psychology to Paint Your Business

Color significantly influences human emotion, so it’s an important consideration when painting your office or designing your retail space. Whether you’re looking to improve worker productivity or you want to encourage customers to spend money, color psychology can help you achieve your goals. One of the easiest ways to incorporate color psychology in your business is by choosing the right interior and exterior paint colors.

Temperature perceptions

The color of interior walls can actually influence how an employee or customer perceives the room temperature. For example, warm colors of orange, red and yellow encourage people to perceive the room temperature as warmer than reality. Conversely, cool colors, like blue, green and light purple, encourage people to estimate cooler temperatures. Arizona business owners can use this perception to their advantage by painting in cooler temperatures and saving on their cooling costs.

Emotional responses

People experience similar emotional reactions when viewing colors. However, people of different cultures exhibit different thoughts and emotions when viewing certain colors. While there may be some exceptions, certain colors tend to evoke specific emotional and behavioral reactions among people. For example, research indicates that green sparks broader thinking and improved creativity. Red, on the other hand, evokes faster and more forceful reactions by lowering analytical thinking.

Productivity influences

While different paint colors can elicit emotional responses, plain white walls can also invoke feelings of boredom. Painting office walls in pure white can cause employees to spend more time reflecting on their own thoughts instead of concentrating on the day’s work. Similarly, someone shopping in a monochromatic store may become distracted from their spending while their mind wanders due to lack of stimulation. For this reason, employers and businesses should think carefully when deciding to incorporate white in their interior paint designs.

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