Tips for taking care of your roof this season

The Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Roof This Season. Roofs in Tucson are constantly exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight and strong storms that could cause damage. If you want your roof to continue to protect your home throughout the year, it is important to properly maintain it. Use this guide to ensure that your roof is up to its job this season:

Clear Out Debris

You might not think that leaves and other debris on the roof are a big deal, but if you do not take care of them, they can cause major issues. Whether you have a flat roof or shingles, it is important to clear off leaves and debris. If there is a lot of debris on the roof, it might create the perfect spot for water, which can cause the roof to sag or to rot. You might want to hire a professional company to clean off the roof to ensure that the job is done safely.

Examine the Roof

Years of sitting in the sun can cause serious wear and tear on your roof. If you regularly inspect it, you can spot problems before they cause major issues. Look for vulnerable areas on the roof that might be more susceptible to damage than others. If you notice anything amiss, you should call the professionals to repair these small issues so you can salvage the roof.

Get the Roof Coated

Coating the roof gives it an extra barrier of protection against the strong Arizona sun. Hire some professionals to come out and coat the roof before the hot weather starts again. They will first use a water-jet to completely clean off the roof. Once it is dry, they will apply the roof coating.

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