The Sustainable Benefits of Roof Coating

The Sustainable Benefits of Roof Coating. Failing to shield your roof against the intense desert sunlight and seasonal monsoon rains can quickly lead to weakened roof materials and critical damage. Roof coating professionals can help protect your roof by removing debris, patching exposed drains, and applying a superior roof coating. Not only does roof coating helps protect the roof, but it also provides sustainability benefits.

Lessens thermal shock

When the temperature changes abruptly, the roof surface also heats and cools rapidly. This usually occurs during transitions from sunny days to cold nights. When sunlight heats the dark-colored roof, it expands. During cool nights, the material contracts. The constant expansion and contraction of roofing materials stress the joints and seams, especially around vents and cutouts. This reaction to change in temperatures is known as thermal shock and it can dramatically reduce a roof’s life expectancy.  Light-colored roof coatings lessen thermal shock by reducing the expansion and contraction of the roof membrane.

Maintains an existing roof system

Unprotected roofs are prone to damage and require frequent replacement. A roof coating strengthens, re-surfaces, and maintains the current roofing system. This is a more sustainable option than employing labor and disrupting the building to replace the damaged roof materials. In addition, a roof coating is a fraction of the cost of replacing the roof altogether.

Lessens debris in landfills

Roof coatings form great barriers against UV radiation from the sun, especially in a desert climate. They also add another layer of protection against elements like moisture. This helps reduce fatigue in the roof membrane. Not only can this help save energy loss from the house or building, but it can also reduce waste. When a roof requires less frequent repairs and replacement, less roof debris ends up in the landfill.

At Wild West Painting, we care about protecting your home’s longevity in this desert environment. Our expert roof coating services can help guard your roof against sunlight and yearly monsoon rains. To learn more about the products and tools we can use to protect your roof, please call (520) 668-8988.