Choosing Paint Colors That Flows

Choosing Paint Colors That Flows. Professional painters can give your home a makeover that makes it feel bigger and more inviting at the same time. Use this guide for help choosing paint colors that flow seamlessly between rooms:

Go for the Monotone Effect

You can use different shades of the same color in different rooms to provide a connective thread while still giving each space its own personality. You can use different tones of the same color to complement the furniture that you use in different rooms. If you want to add a little extra depth to your home without using crazy color combinations, you should talk to the painters about different shades of the same color.

Use Analogous Colors

Analogous colors lie close to each other on the color wheel and create a nice visual flow when you use them in rooms that touch. You can use a subtle shade of orange in one room, a soft, peaceful yellow in the next room, and then a gentle green in the next room to create interesting and aesthetically appealing color flow.

Find a Connective Accent Color

You can paint the walls any color and use a similar accent color to provide some connectivity through them. Use the accent color for a wall in one room, bring it back with some throw pillows in the next room, and find an area rug that has the same color in the last room. This accent color makes it easy to create the visual flow that you want for your space.

Whether you want a uniform color for your home or you want to get creative with different colors that flow, Wild West Painting, Inc. is here with some of the best residential painting services in Tucson. For more than twenty years, we have made it easy to get the interior and exterior painting services that you need for your home or office. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (520) 668-8988.