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Do Professional Painters Move Furniture?

Yes, Professional painters will prepare your interior space to protect your possessions before painting. Professional painting companies put in a great deal of prep work to ensure your paint job will last and look its best.

Proper Prep Work for a Painting Project

Many steps go into preparing a space and surface for a quality paint job. Before the brush meets the wall, professional paint crews will make all the necessary alterations to the space, including moving as much furniture away from the walls as possible, covering outlet covers, and removing wall hangings.

Once personal belongings have been protected, house painters will move on to preparing the surface itself for your chosen paint color. This step may involve repairing cracks, sanding away inconsistencies in texture, and ensuring the wall is clean and dry. That way, the wall will be in the perfect condition to receive multiple coats of paint that will last for years.

Skip the hassle of a DIY Paint Job

Anyone who has painted a room on their own will likely agree the preparation is the hardest part of the job! Between moving furniture, ensuring floors and belongings are safely covered, and the dreaded taping, new paint can quickly become a dreaded endeavor.

Especially if you’re looking to paint a large area or your whole house, hiring professionals is recommended. Not only will professionals come equipped with the skills and tools needed to deliver the best result, but they will also be able to complete the project in a fraction of the time.

Having the exact spot of your home unusable, with all the furniture pushed to the center of the room, switch plates removed, and walls wet with paint for days and weeks can quickly become an inconvenience. Instead, utilizing professional painters will allow much more downtime, allowing you to get back to enjoying your home more quickly.

Professional Painters FAQs:

Will painters help move furniture?

Remember that painters run a painting business, not a moving company. If you’re able, moving the furniture yourself before the paint crew’s arrival will ensure your items are handled with care and remove any liability issues from the painters themselves.

Do I need to remove furniture before painting?

While it’s necessary to have access to the walls, you do not need to remove every piece of furniture before starting a painting project. Simply move furniture to the center of the room and drape it with drop cloths to keep it protected throughout your project.

Hiring the Right Painting Company

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