The Sustainable Benefits of Roof Coating

The Sustainable Benefits of Roof Coating

The Sustainable Benefits of Roof Coating. Failing to shield your roof against the intense desert sunlight and seasonal monsoon rains can quickly lead to weakened roof materials and critical damage. Roof coating professionals can help protect your roof by removing debris, patching exposed drains, and applying a superior roof coating. Not only does roof coating helps protect the roof, but it also provides sustainability benefits.

Lessens thermal shock

When the temperature changes abruptly, the roof surface also heats and cools rapidly. This usually occurs during transitions from sunny days to cold nights. When sunlight heats the dark-colored roof, it expands. During cool nights, the material contracts. The constant expansion and contraction of roofing materials stress the joints and seams, especially around vents and cutouts. This reaction to change in temperatures is known as thermal shock and it can dramatically reduce a roof’s life expectancy.  Light-colored roof coatings lessen thermal shock by reducing the expansion and contraction of the roof membrane.

Maintains an existing roof system

Unprotected roofs are prone to damage and require frequent replacement. A roof coating strengthens, re-surfaces, and maintains the current roofing system. This is a more sustainable option than employing labor and disrupting the building to replace the damaged roof materials. In addition, a roof coating is a fraction of the cost of replacing the roof altogether.

Lessens debris in landfills

Roof coatings form great barriers against UV radiation from the sun, especially in a desert climate. They also add another layer of protection against elements like moisture. This helps reduce fatigue in the roof membrane. Not only can this help save energy loss from the house or building, but it can also reduce waste. When a roof requires less frequent repairs and replacement, less roof debris ends up in the landfill.

At Wild West Painting, we care about protecting your home’s longevity in this desert environment. Our expert roof coating services can help guard your roof against sunlight and yearly monsoon rains. To learn more about the products and tools we can use to protect your roof, please call (520) 668-8988.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Roof This Season

Tips for taking care of your roof this season

The Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Roof This Season. Roofs in Tucson are constantly exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight and strong storms that could cause damage. If you want your roof to continue to protect your home throughout the year, it is important to properly maintain it. Use this guide to ensure that your roof is up to its job this season:

Clear Out Debris

You might not think that leaves and other debris on the roof are a big deal, but if you do not take care of them, they can cause major issues. Whether you have a flat roof or shingles, it is important to clear off leaves and debris. If there is a lot of debris on the roof, it might create the perfect spot for water, which can cause the roof to sag or to rot. You might want to hire a professional company to clean off the roof to ensure that the job is done safely.

Examine the Roof

Years of sitting in the sun can cause serious wear and tear on your roof. If you regularly inspect it, you can spot problems before they cause major issues. Look for vulnerable areas on the roof that might be more susceptible to damage than others. If you notice anything amiss, you should call the professionals to repair these small issues so you can salvage the roof.

Get the Roof Coated

Coating the roof gives it an extra barrier of protection against the strong Arizona sun. Hire some professionals to come out and coat the roof before the hot weather starts again. They will first use a water-jet to completely clean off the roof. Once it is dry, they will apply the roof coating.

Wild West Painting Inc. is here to coat your roof to ensure that it is in top condition. We also offer commercial and residential painting and exterior painting services to help you optimize your décor. To learn more about our services or to request a quote for your job, visit us online or call (520) 668-8988.

What to Look for in a Company for Your Commercial Paint Job

What to Look for in a Company for Your Commercial Paint Job

The way your commercial building looks directly affects how people will perceive your company. That’s why it is important to know What to Look for in a Company for Your Commercial Paint Job. It is vital to present a reputable and professional image. So it is important to hire the best people to provide commercial painting services. Use this guide to be sure you find the top commercial painters in Tucson:

Plenty of Experience

If you want to find a company that will offer you the best painting services, you should focus your search on those that have been in business for a few decades. When a company has been in business for a long time, they have had more opportunities to paint a variety of commercial buildings, which means they have the necessary experience to offer you the best services.

A Small Team

You should work with smaller companies to ensure that the chain of command works as efficiently as possible. Smaller teams can pay better attention to detail. It is also much easier to communicate with the whole team, which means you can get the results that you want. Locally owned and operated companies also care about their community and want to do everything possible to see local businesses succeed.

A Good Reputation

Do some research to learn about a company’s reputation to make sure there are no major red flags about their services. You can ask previous clients and check out the company with the BBB to see if anyone has made any major complaints about them. It also gives you the opportunity to read some positive reviews before you make your final decision.

At Wild West Painting, Inc., we do everything we can to put our customers first. Whether you need a restaurant or an office building painted, our team will do the job with respect and professionalism that helps you enjoy the best experience. To learn more about our company, visit us online or call (520) 668-8988.

How to Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Exterior Wood

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Exterior Wood

How to Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Exterior Wood. Whether used as accents or as a larger structural component, wood is an excellent choice for many exterior applications. Even with regular care, however, exterior wood must be replaced when it becomes damaged or is affected by natural wear and tear. Wild West Painting, Inc. can help you preserve and extend the longevity of your exterior wood with painting and roof coating services in Tucson.

When It’s Time to Replace Wood Siding

Wood siding can be particularly vulnerable to water issues as well as extreme temperatures. Overall deterioration and aging may cause your siding to warp or crack, indicating that it is time for replacement. Dark streaks could indicate water damage that may also require your wood siding to be replaced. Other signs to note that indicate your wood siding is reaching the end of its lifetime include exposed, rusty, or missing nails, and uneven or shifted boards. The best way to maintain your wood siding is to have it painted regularly every two years to provide a refreshed look and updated protection.

Regular care of your exterior wood will ensure that it looks beautiful and lasts the entirety of its expected lifetime. Call Wild West Painting, Inc. today at (520) 668-8988 to discuss your exterior painting and roof coating needs in Tucson. We also invite you to check out our blog for additional home maintenance tips.

When Is It Time to Coat Your Roof?

When Is It Time To Coat Your Roof?

When Is It Time to Coat Your Roof? Typically, if you’re pushing the 5-Year mark it’s time. Here’s the reason – the coating slowly starts to break-down and wash off, thinning the membrane as it goes. In time, you’ll see cracking, checking even peeling in the field, or center areas of the roof that gets less water flow than the drains. You might even be able to see through the coating and see the black asphalt base. Remember this, the drains are where all of the action happens – where all the water is concentrated through a 3” opening called the “Scupper” and causes the most erosion over time. This is where 99% of all leaks occur. Over time between coatings, you’ll need to do the maintenance at the drains (patching, coating, etc.) to keep leaks from occurring. The drain is more or less a hole in the stationary wall of the house and the roof moves independently ever so slightly day in and day out. This causes the drain to crack over time because of the shifting and let’s water in your house.

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