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Are you dealing with a paint job that doesn’t reflect your style or standards? You’re not alone. 

Many Marana residents and business owners face the challenge of fading, peeling, or outdated paint that detracts from their property’s charm and value. Wild West Painting Inc. understands these frustrations, and our Marana painting company is here to transform your home or business’s exterior.

We’re more than just a painting company; we’re a partner in elevating and enhancing your building’s appearance. Our painting services include commercial and residential painting, expert interior and exterior painting work, roof coating, and stucco repair, among others. Each painting project is handled with utmost care, ensuring that your vision comes to life with precision and quality.

With Wild West Painting Inc., you’re choosing a team of painters that Marana trusts for impeccable results and exceptional service. 

Contact us at Wild West Painting Inc. today to learn how our painters in Marana can transform your home or business.

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What Makes Wild West Painting Inc. Stand Out

Wild West Painting Inc. stands apart in the Marana painting landscape with 30 years of experience. Over our years in the painting industry, we have honed our skills and expertise, making us a trusted name in both residential and commercial painting. We understand that every exterior or interior project is unique, and we approach each with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to using only the best materials further sets us apart from other Marana painting companies. We exclusively use Dunn-Edwards’ EVERSHIELD® for exterior painting and SUPREMA® for interior painting, ensuring durability and longevity in the challenging Marana climate. 

Additionally, our focus on small, expert paint crews allows for extreme attention to detail and superior finishing. Our painter’s excellent communication skills and use of top-notch equipment make every Wild West Painting Inc. project a standout success.

Painting Services We Provide in Marana

At Wild West Painting Inc., we provide a wide range of painting services in Marana, each customized to meet your project’s specific needs. Our commercial painting services bring a touch of professionalism and style to business spaces, ensuring they stand out and resonate with your brand identity. 

For homeowners, our house painting services are designed to transform your living spaces into areas of comfort and beauty, reflecting your personal style. Our team consists of interior painters and exterior painters who have mastered their painting and repair skills. Our services extend to specialized offerings like roof coating and stucco repair to ensure a full-spectrum approach to your property’s aesthetics and durability. 

  • Commercial Painting

    At Wild West Painting Inc., our team is renowned for its exceptional commercial painting services in Marana, AZ. Our commercial painting services encompass a wide range of commercial projects, from painting rooftop coatings and corporate headquarters to beautifying backyard gazebos. 

    We take pride in delivering high-quality painting solutions for large and small businesses alike, ensuring each job reflects our commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Our team of skilled painters in Marana can handle diverse projects, whether it’s at a restaurant, office, apartment complex, or an HOA, ensuring each building is painted to perfection with long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing results. 

  • House Painting

    Wild West Painting, Inc. is a leading residential house painting contractor in Marana, celebrated for its exceptional exterior house painting services. Our house painters provide unparalleled house painting services marked by extreme attention to detail and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. 

    Our approach to house painting involves using the highest quality, long-lasting paint, ensuring your home always looks its best. We understand that every project is unique, and we’re dedicated to delivering personalized solutions matching the exact color you envision for your home. Trust us to transform your house into the dream home you’ve always imagined with our Marana painting company’s help.

  • Exterior/Interior Painting

    At Wild West Painting Inc., our exterior painting services in Marana focus on enhancing your property’s curb appeal and durability. Our Marana painters repair any surface damage, like cracks or broken wood, before painting. Our use of top-quality paint, specially designed for Marana’s climate, ensures a lasting and beautiful finish.

    For interior painting, our approach is centered on quality and longevity. We choose only the highest-grade paints and carefully prepare surfaces, including seamless drywall repairs. Our detailed color consultations ensure that the final result perfectly matches your vision for your home’s interior, from kitchens to bathrooms to child bedrooms.

  • Roof Coating

    Wild West Painting Inc. is proud to offer expert roof coating services in Marana, focusing on extending the longevity of your home. With over 30 years of experience, our Arizona painting company understands the importance of protecting roofs from the harsh desert climate. 

    Our process involves intense attention to detail and using the best products for each unique roof. We follow a thorough roof coating procedure, including providing a quote, preparing the roof, patching exposed areas, and applying a protective coat. This ensures your roof remains strong and secure, safeguarding your Arizona home for years to come.

  • Stucco Repair

    Understanding the critical importance of addressing stucco cracks promptly, our Marana painting company provides top-notch stucco repair services. These cracks can lead to significant structural damage if left untreated; therefore, quick and efficient stucco repair is essential. 

    Our approach to stucco repairs includes using the best materials and tools to ensure lasting repair and protection for your home. Our team expertly seals and repairs any stucco damage, followed by a clean coat of paint to restore the appearance of your home or business, ensuring it looks as good as new.

Testimonials From Our Valued Customers

  • Brad Henson

    “First time customer with Wild West Painting and I’m beyond pleased! Tim arrived at the house to assess my project and provided and timely, fair, and professional estimate. Once I decided to move forward, being able to pay for the job on the Wild West website is so easy and hassle free. Once the work began, the same crew arrived every morning ready to go and completed major stucco repairs, painted the house/fence and coated the roof. The attention to detail and quality of work is exceptional, I can’t stress how important this was to me, and never once did I have to watch over the crew or ask them to re-do anything. I highly recommend Wild West Painting and will be a repeat customer!”

  • Richard Molnar

    “We had our home painted last week and could NOT be happier with Wild West.  Joaquin and Jose did a superb, professional job. Their attention to detail was exceptional.  They showed up every day, on time, and the finished product was better than I expected. (That’s a first for me here in Tucson!)  The price I paid was very fair for the amount of work that was done. The owner, Tim, knows his business and was helpful answering my many questions regarding the project. I fully recommend them for your house painting needs.”

  • Rick Liwski

    “Tim and crew did a great job painting our house and coating our roof. They were professional, courteous and quick. They spent a lot of time in the prep and cleaned up everything before they left. Tim was responsive to all my questions. I would highly recommend!”

    Contact Wild West Painting Inc. Today for a Free Quote

    Wild West Painting Inc. has established itself as a premier Tuscon painting company and repair service provider. Our house painters offer a wide range of services, including commercial and residential painting, exterior and interior painting, roof coating, and stucco repair.

    With a focus on quality, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction, Wild West Painting Inc. is ready to transform your Arizona space. 

    Contact us at Wild West Painting Inc. today for a free quote for your painting project in Marana.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Should I Hire a Professional Painter?

    Hiring a professional painter ensures quality and efficiency. Professional painters have the expertise, equipment, and materials to deliver a superior finish. They can handle complex tasks, offer color and design advice, and mitigate risks associated with painting, such as dealing with heights or handling toxic materials.

    What Type of Paint Do You Use?

    Wild West Painting Inc. uses high-quality, durable exterior paint, specifically Dunn-Edwards’ EVERSHIELD® and interior paint, specifically SUPREMA®. These paints are chosen for their longevity and excellent finish, especially in Marana’s unique climate.

    How Much Does Painting Cost in Marana?

    The cost of painting varies based on the project’s size, complexity, and specific requirements. Wild West Painting Inc. provides personalized quotes after assessing each project to offer fair and transparent pricing.

    How Long Does a Typical Project Take?

    Project duration depends on the project’s scale and specifics. Small projects might take a few days, while larger or more complex tasks might take longer. Wild West Painting Inc. aims for efficiency without compromising on quality.

    Can You Help With Color Selection and Design Advice?

    Yes, Wild West Painting Inc. offers color consultations and design advice. Their expertise helps clients choose the perfect colors and styles to match their vision and the property’s aesthetics.


    At Wild West Painting, we have been providing professional, residential and commercial painting, including interior and exterior painting, for over 30 years! Our painters provide Commercial and House painting services in Tucson, Casas Adobes, Green Valley, Marana, Oro Valley, Sahuarita, and Vail.

    For the best painters in Tucson, call Wild West Painting Inc today!

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