painter painting colors on a wall

Stucco Painting and Repair: 5 Questions For Your Painter

Looking for a dramatic way to improve the look of your property without breaking the bank? One of the best ideas to achieve fantastic results is to think about commercial or residential painting. As supplies go, paint is certainly economical. Coverage from just one gallon of paint, depending on color and type, ranges between 25 and 44 square yards. In particular, here are some questions to ask your painter if your project involves painting stucco.

How Will It Impact The Curb Appeal Of Your Property?

A property with an exterior finish of stucco is already one that is extremely attractive. Making sure that the stucco is refreshed with new coats of paint is a wonderful way to make the property stand out. Not only will your painter keep your property looking fantastic, but the stucco also serves to improve the way the exterior walls look. Choosing the right paint with your painter for your stucco will make your property stand out and look beautiful for an extended period of time.

How Will It Cover Stains?

Occasionally there are water stains and rust stains that appear on stucco. They frequently occur as vertical lines, mostly beneath window frames. Painting the stucco will definitely cover these stains and block future ones. If your stucco property is painted by a professional, new stains won’t reappear for quite some time on the new paint surface. When your painter covers these stains on your stucco, it will be a long time before they reappear.

How Will It Repel UV Rays?

One of the best ways to preserve the integrity of your stucco exterior is to make sure that you have painted your exterior walls correctly. Your exterior painter will make sure that the paint is applied in a way that will insulate the stucco itself and resist ultraviolet rays. These rays can be extremely damaging to your exterior stucco.

How Will It Seal Cracks?

Hairline cracks are a common problem with a stucco exterior. When left untreated, these cracks will lengthen and eventually result in pieces of stucco falling from the exterior of the home. A good, thick, high-quality paint will help seal these hairline cracks. Of course, it is important to discuss the type of cracks with your painter. If the cracks are larger, caulking may be needed to fill the cracks. Taking care of the smaller cracks when they occur will help delay the development of larger ones.

How Will It Repel Moisture?

Painting your stucco exterior is an excellent way to seal out moisture. Stucco is relatively porous, but if your painter uses the correct type of paint, the stucco will remain relatively waterproof. Paint companies have made a lot of progress in developing weather-resistant paint for stucco exteriors.

Whether you are looking for interior painting, exterior painting, stucco repair, or roof coating contractors, finding just the right painter and painting company to do your project will be the key to success. All this is particularly important if your project involves painting and repairing stucco. This is a specialized area, so before your project gets underway, it’s a plus to remain informed about the reasons that painting and repairing stucco is so important. A fresh coat of paint brings a brand new look to any area, and on a stucco exterior, it could also save you a lot of money in the long term.