Roof Coating Services in Tucson

My approach to our roof coating services in Tucson is very simple…

It starts with a thorough cleaning of the roof. This is not a rinse, I use a water-jet (it’s kinda like a lawnmower but it has a spinning spray wand that shoots water) that removes all loose material and embedded dirt. Then we wait a day to let it all dry. next, we patch all drains (scuppers), pipes, and vents that stick out of the roof.

The amount of roof coating that’s applied is most important. All manufacturers have a spread-rate of how many square feet material should be applied per gallon.

I’ll tell you how many square feet you have, how much product I’ll use and the brand name and grade of material (good, better, best).

– Tim Pachesky (Owner of Wild West Painting, Inc.)


Wild West Painting, Inc. cares about your home’s longevity. In this desert environment, it is vital to protect your roof from sunlight, and the seasonal monsoon rains. Without a good roof coat, over time, roof materials will lose their strength, and in turn, can cause critical roof damage. If you are looking for great roof coating services in Tucson, Wild West Painting, Inc. wants to do the job for you!

The process of roof coating is as follows:

1. Get a service quote based on the square footage of your roof. If you are satisfied, we come to get the process started.
2. First things first, excess debris is cleared from the roof by a water jet.
3. Then we wait a day for the roof to dry.
4. After that, all exposed drains, pipes, and vents are adequately patched.
5. And finally, the roof coating is applied.

Wild West Painting, Inc. provides the best roof coating Tucson has to offer using only the very best products and tools for the protection of your roof. We pay close attention to detail, as every roof is very different. As a homeowner, this could be one of the most important preventative measures you take in external home care.

See our dedicated Roof Coating Tucson page for more details.