how to fix paint drips on wall

How to Fix Paint Drips on a Wall: Tips from the Pros

It happens from time to time. We finish painting, step back to admire our handiwork, and panic when we see drips. 

No need to worry. You can fix paint drips with a few simple steps. Contact Wild West Painting, Inc., your reliable painters in Tucson, to learn how to fix paint drips on a wall.


Several issues cause paint drips, including:

  • Paint is too thin or too thick
  • Not enough paint 
  • Wrong paint brush size
  • Surface texture

Paint that is too thick won’t spread evenly, leaving significant amounts of paint in areas that are likely to drip. Thin paint drips and falls off the brush before it touches the wall.

Improperly sized brushes lead to too much paint on the brush or too little. Excessive paint leaves heavy amounts of paint in some areas. However, too little paint leads to adding multiple coats that don’t always apply smoothly and can create drips.   

For aesthetics, many homes use textured wall features, such as popcorn ceilings. Since these surfaces aren’t smooth, significant amounts of paint can drip down or from the textured points. 


You can prevent drips by paying attention to how much paint you apply to the brush or roller. 

Correctly applying paint to a roller requires passing the roller across the paint pan at least a dozen times to ensure the paint soaks into and adheres to the material. Passing the roller over the pan fewer times leaves excess paint hanging on the roller material, likely to create roller marks and drips.

Correctly applying paint to a brush requires dipping the paintbrush three-quarters of the way into the paint can and tapping or shaking the excess paint loose. Scraping the brush against the side of the can is not recommended as it can leave paint on the edge of the can, preventing a complete seal when closing. 

Once you apply the paint with the roller or brush, take a moment to step back and examine the painted area. Use a spotlight with the light aimed across the wall to help spot the drips. 

Fixing Paint Drips

When teaching you how to fix paint drips on a wall, the pros will tell you that it is easier to fix while wet. 

Wet Paint Drips

Use the same brush or roller used to apply the paint and smooth out the drips moving in the same direction as when applied. Remove excess paint from the brush or roller before doing so.

Dry Paint Drips

Use a paint scraper, small chisel, or razor to gently scrape the drips from the wall. Delicately smooth the surface with fine sandpaper and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Apply a fresh coat of paint to the damaged area. 

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