Choosing an Outdoor Color For Your Commercial Property

Choosing the right color for your outdoor commercial property is a crucial decision. The two most important things to consider are light and the environment. Light affects the colors you see, and changes in light throughout the day can dramatically affect how an object looks. The environment refers to what surrounds your building: other buildings, trees, and ground cover. Coordinating with these elements, with the help of a reputable commercial painting contractor, can upgrade your building’s curb appeal and impress your customer base.

Below are six key points that will help you choose a color for your commercial property that’s sure to please both potential customers and passersby.

1. Know Your Audience

Who are you trying to attract? Is it a demographic that’s likely to be attracted to this color, or do they require something completely different? Take into consideration any regional differences that might affect what people enjoy. For example, if customers would rather have a green surface, that may not do much for your business in the middle of a desert.

2. Establish a Theme or Tone for Your Commercial Property

This is an opportunity to get creative! Commercial property owners get the chance to really define what their business stands for. How do you want people to feel when they walk in? Do they need a certain atmosphere or color palette?

3. Contrast Your Surroundings

The environment has a lot to say about the color you choose for your exterior. If your building is surrounded by a lush, green lawn and cheerful flowers, stick with bright colors that contrast the greenery. If your neighbors are all made of brick or metal, going for a more muted tone can help establish a unique presence that still fits in with the area. Commercial paint should be used to highlight what’s already there rather than compete with it.

4. Know the Weather

Bright colors attract sunlight and heat, while darker paint tends to deflect it. Commercial painters often use light backgrounds with dark trim on buildings in warmer climates to help the structure stay cool. On the other hand, darker colors might help buildings in colder regions hold onto heat during the cold winter months.

Water, humidity, and temperature can all affect how paint looks. If you live in an area with high humidity or extreme temperature fluctuations, paint that withstands these conditions will be your best bet to avoid unsightly peeling and cracking over time. A commercial painting contractor knows the right paints for the local weather patterns.

5. Consult a Commercial Painting Contractor

You might have difficulty choosing the right color for your commercial property on your own, so turn to a professional. A commercial painting contractor can help you find colors that match what you’re trying to accomplish and also consider factors such as light and the environment when making recommendations about paint color.

6. Test It Out

You wouldn’t buy a new outfit without trying it on first. Why would you choose colors for the entire exterior of your building before testing them out? Commercial painting contractors might be able to provide you with samples or small portions of paint in different shades so that you can get an idea of what they look like before diving headfirst into a big paint job.

Did you know that the color wheel, invented by Sir Isaac Newton in 1706, predates the United States? Commercial paint has come a long way since then! Commercial painting contractors can help you find colors that address your needs and consider your local climate. Contact Wild West Painting for help choosing the best color for your commercial property today.


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