Common Painting Problems Following Wallpaper Removal

Common Painting Problems Following Wallpaper Removal

Common Painting Problems Following Wallpaper Removal. Transitioning from wallpaper to paint is a great way to update your interior without spending a fortune. Use this guide to learn about some common painting problems you might encounter after removing the wallpaper and what to do about them:

Leftover Pieces of Paper

There will probably be some leftover pieces of paper when you finish pulling the wallpaper off the walls. It is very important to remove all of it before you start painting or you will be left with an uneven wall and a less-than-perfect paint job. A scraping blade is usually enough to get rid of the paper that is hard to remove. If the paper will not budge, you might need to use something stronger like a steamer. You should use DAP to repair any damage in the wall before you start to paint.

Leftover Chemicals

If you had to turn to a chemical solution to remove the last of the wallpaper, you might be left with some residual chemicals that could negatively affect your paint. It is important to use a product like trisodium phosphate (TSP), which will clean the wall and prepare it for your paint.

Leftover Paste

Another common issue associated with wallpaper removal is leftover paste. It might be hard to spot the paste just by looking at the wall, which is why it is important to run your hand across the wall to see if you feel any differences in the texture. If you do, you should use a scraping blade or some sandpaper to even it out before you apply the paint.

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Matching Your Office Paint Color with Your Job

Matching Your Office Paint Color with Your Job

Matching Your Office Paint Color with Your Job. An office décor can change the atmosphere of the entire space. If you want to optimize the potential of your home office décor, you should match the paint color to the work that you do to get the most out of the space. Read on for tips on using paint to enhance your office design.

Think About Color Connections

Certain colors create physiological responses in the body. Red is a stimulating hue that makes the heart beat faster. Blue, on the other hand, has calming effects on the body. Try to choose a shade that gives you a physiological response that helps you with your job. You can also think about your own connections to color to try to determine if there is a shade that will help you stay focused and productive throughout the day.

Use Accent Colors

After you choose a specific shade for the walls, you should start thinking about an accent color that will optimize the original hue. Red is a popular accent color for jobs that include sales and negotiation. Yellow is better for people who need a little bit more focus. Using accent colors helps you create balance in the space so you can do your best with your job.

Create a Cohesive Décor

A lot of people neglect to decorate their home office, but this can actually make it harder to concentrate on the space. Use your paint colors to create a foundation for your office décor that makes it easy to integrate cohesive elements. Spending some time decorating your home office can make the room even more effective.

Whether you want to paint your home office or your commercial space, Wild West Painting, Inc. is here for you. We offer some of the most professional paint services in the Tucson area to ensure you can always get the exterior and interior designs that you want. To learn more about our services or to request a quote, visit us online or call (520) 668-8988.

How Interior Moisture Affects Paint and Drywall

How Interior Moisture Affects Paint and Drywall

How Interior Moisture Affects Paint and Drywall. Water damage can wreak havoc on your interior and cause major damage to the walls. If there is moisture inside of your home, keep reading to find out how it can affect the paint and the drywall.

The Moisture Gets Beneath the Paint

If you do not have proper ventilation in your space, the dampness can eventually get beneath the paint. This might happen in corners or near the sink or the shower. Once the water gets underneath the paint, it might cause a noticeable brown stain. Without attention, this will cause the paint to peel along the edges and seams of the drywall.

The Drywall Starts to Sag

With prolonged exposure to moisture, the drywall might start to sag. If this happens, you either have to completely replace the damaged drywall or cover it up with new sheets. Replacing drywall is a job that you should leave to the professionals so they can be sure to do it right the first time.

The Moisture Creates the Environment for Mold

Wetness inside of the walls creates the perfect breeding ground for mold. If you have water damage on your paint or your drywall, you might want to have it replaced to avoid dealing with mold.

The Drywall has Holes

Moisture can actually cause holes in the drywall because the drywall will crumble. Small holes and patches can be closed up easily. If the holes get too big, though, they can cause significant damage in the wall. Hire some professionals to come and look at the damage so they can fix them before it gets any worse.

How we can help

Wild West Painting, Inc. can help you restore your walls to their original condition. We offer interior and exterior painting services to help you restore the aesthetic appeal of your building. We also offer roof-coating services to keep it in top condition. To learn more about our services or to request a quote, visit us online or call (520) 668-8988.

Painting with Cat’s Claw

Painting with Cat's Claw

Painting with Cat’s Claw Vine

Painting with Cat’s Claw Vine. This house had a unique problem. It was covered with a large cat’s claw vine and if you’ve ever tried to remove one you know it doesn’t want to come off the wall. A 3000PSI pressure washer won’t touch it. The solution was to stucco the wall from corner to corner. The trick was to find the right size and to match the rest of the home. It took a while, but the finished product was perfect. 

If you want more information on the best practices of dealing with this issue, Contact us

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