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Residential Interior Painters Tucson

Residential Interior Painting in Tucson

When looking for residential interior painters in Tucson, Wild West Painting Inc. has the most knowledgeable interior painters Tucson has. They know exactly the kind of interior painting job you want and need.

-You want a quality interior paint job that looks professional and lasts.
After years of residential painting in Tucson, we have found Dunn-Edwards’ Suprema to be the highest quality paint for the job.

-You also want the best value for your budget. With our residential painting service, we can offer you a quote and service you might not be able to refuse!

-And you want your painting service to be done by the cleanest interior painters Tucson has to offer!

We only have the best residential interior painters Tucson offers, who bring the highest level of professionalism available. When we come to your home, we make sure that all your furniture and belongings are covered and out of the way of the paint job. We do clean drywall repairs that remain invisible and smooth. Our painters will even do a color consultation with you so you can have your dream kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedroom. With years of experience, we can match any color you want to perfection!

And when it is all said and done, your home will be left just the way it started- but this time with a fresh and professional paint job!

Find out more information on our dedicated Interior Painting page.


  • Not just anyone can repaint the interior of your home. The biggest trick is keeping it off all your stuff-
  • Everything Gets Covered!
  • Invisible Drywall Repairs
  • Color consultation
  • At the end of the day, We’ll leave all work areas clean and put back together
  • We only use Dunn-Edwards’ Suprema
  • We can match any color to perfection
  • House Painting in Tucson

Commercial Painting Services in Tucson

Commercial Painting Services Tucson

Wild West Painting, Inc. provides commercial painting services Tucson can be proud of! If you’re in need of a great exterior painting project done on your commercial building, we should be your first choice! For over 20 years, Wild West Painting, Inc. has been providing the highest quality commercial painting services Tucson has ever seen. We pride ourselves in a job well done that not only shows our level of commitment to the customer, but also our level of expertise. With a small team, our commercial painting contractors pay great attention to detail and provide the best commercial painting Tucson has seen:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Restauraunts
  • Offices
  • Apartment complexes
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Exterior Painting in Tucson, AZ

When business owners’ buildings start to crack and crumble, they request the best quality commercial painting contractors Tucson has. We use the best and most long-lasting paint to always keep your office, restaurant, or apartment building looking as good as new. All of our commercial painting projects are custom and we can get the exact color match you want for your paint job. We have seen it all and know that every single project takes special care to make your building exactly what you imagined!


Exterior Painters Tucson

Exterior Painters Tucson

Along with our commercial painting services, we are also high-quality residential exterior painters Tucson can be proud of. Did you just buy your home or are you looking to sell or rent it out?

Over the past 20 years, we have done all types of home projects, so whether your house is big or small, we have the tools and skills to make your it look like new for the new season. We have come to find that the best exterior paint is Dunn-Edwards’ Evershield, so that is the only brand we use. We also can work with any type of surface that is found in this desert climate.

Wild West Painting, Inc. has the most skilled painters Tucson provides. Our team will do repairs on cracks and replace broken and damaged wood before doing your exterior paint job. They also provide color consultations for our customers, even if you are looking for a more involved paint job with trims and multiple colors. If you have a specific color in mind, we can color match to perfection!

For a sample of our work, you can check out our photo gallery for projects our exterior painters have done for customers right here in Tucson!


  • What’s the best way to manage cracks and repairs? We have the best answers.
  • Wood Replacement/Repairs
  • Color Consultation
  • Elastek #120 Roof Coatings
  • We ONLY Use Dunn-Edwards’ Evershield
  • We can match any color to perfection

Roof Coating Services in Tucson

Roof Coating Services in Tucson

My approach to our roof coating services in Tucson is very simple…

It starts with a thorough cleaning of the roof. This is not a rinse, I use a water-jet (it’s kinda like a lawnmower but it has a spinning spray wand that shoots water) that removes all loose material and embedded dirt. Then we wait a day to let it all dry. next, we patch all drains (scuppers), pipes, and vents that stick out of the roof.

The amount of roof coating that’s applied is most important. All manufacturers have a spread-rate of how many square feet material should be applied per gallon.

I’ll tell you how many square feet you have, how much product I’ll use and the brand name and grade of material (good, better, best).

– Tim Pachesky (Owner of Wild West Painting, Inc.)


Wild West Painting, Inc. cares about your home’s longevity. In this desert environment, it is vital to protect your roof from sunlight, and the seasonal monsoon rains. Without a good roof coat, over time, roof materials will lose their strength, and in turn, can cause critical roof damage. If you are looking for great roof coating services in Tucson, Wild West Painting, Inc. wants to do the job for you!

The process of roof coating is as follows:

1. Get a service quote based on the square footage of your roof. If you are satisfied, we come to get the process started.
2. First things first, excess debris is cleared from the roof by a water jet.
3. Then we wait a day for the roof to dry.
4. After that, all exposed drains, pipes, and vents are adequately patched.
5. And finally, the roof coating is applied.

Wild West Painting, Inc. provides the best roof coating Tucson has to offer using only the very best products and tools for the protection of your roof. We pay close attention to detail, as every roof is very different. As a homeowner, this could be one of the most important preventative measures you take in external home care.

See our dedicated Roof Coating Tucson page for more details.

Choosing the Exterior Color of Your Home

Choosing the Exterior Color of Your Home


Choosing the Exterior Color of Your Home. When people think about having their home painted, they usually think of interior painting. After all, you tend to spend more time inside your home than you do outside. However, the appearance of the outside of your house does matter. Over time, the exterior of your home can develop cracks or start to chip and peel. If your exterior paint is looking a little worse for the wear, it is time to think about hiring professional house painters to improve its look.

Choosing the right color for your home is very personal. After all, you see it every time you pull into your driveway. When your home looks appealing, you look forward to that final turn. It can help elevate your entire neighborhood, (your friends will like that). It will also improve your curb appeal should you ever choose to sell.

Read on to learn about choosing the best exterior color when painting your home.


The best color for the exterior of a home can vary based on its surroundings. If you live in a neighborhood with lots of trees, you may want to choose a color that evokes natural elements, such as greens or browns. On the other hand, if you want the exterior of your home to reflect your cheery personality, you might choose colors such as yellow or light blue for a brighter look.

Look at your surroundings. What colors do you see that appeal to you? Are there flowers, bushes, trees that catch your eye? Maybe there are colors that you can pull from or use to enhance your home’s color choice.

Play It Safe

If you have given the matter a great deal of thought but you just can’t make a decision, it’s perfectly acceptable to err on the conservative side and choose a neutral color for your home’s exterior paint. Light shades of beige and ecru will keep your home from looking intimidating, and you can have exterior shutters painted in a bolder color such as green or red to give your house added visual interest.


When you are choosing colors for the exterior of your home, consider all of the colors you can use—not just the primary one. You can come up with a color scheme that combines complementary colors for a look that is sure to turn heads every time they pass down your block.

As an exterior paint contractor, Wild West Painting can assist you in choosing the right colors for your home. Be sure that you ask if color consultations are offered when deciding on a residential paint contractor. There are a lot of home painters in Tucson, do your homework and choose the one that is right for you.

For quality exterior paint services in Tucson, call Wild West Painting at (520) 668-8988. We will perform any necessary repairs before beginning painting so that you get a smooth, even coat every time. Don’t forget to ask about our color consultations with one of our friendly staff members.


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At Wild West Painting, we have been providing professional residential and commercial painting. This includes interior and exterior painting for over 25 years! Our painters provide Commercial and House painting services in Tucson. We also cover Green Valley, Marana, Sahuarita, and Vail.

For the best painters in Tucson, call Wild West Painting Inc today!

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