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    Exterior Painting Dunn-Edwards' "Evershield" for $2,299.00 Most Homes. Plus Tax. Contact Us
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    Roof Coating "Solar-Tek #120" for $999.00 up to 2500 sqft. 7-year warranty available. Contact Us

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Wild West Painting

I’ve never met you, but I already know what you’re looking for.

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These are the values we live and breathe every day. Painting is the easy part – the icing on the cake. But preparation is the where the real work lies. This is how we view every project we take on, be it a multi-million dollar estate in the foothills, a double-wide trailer in the middle of the desert and everything else in between. Each home is unique and presents it’s own challenges. I’m willing to share my 20-Years of knowledge and experience and present to you the finished product you’ve imagined and the professional experience you won’t soon forget. Please call for a no-cost estimate.

Timothy Pachesky (520) 668-8988
Wild West Painting, Inc.